I'll Be Happy When I'm Dead

Early 70s disaster films!

363. Ronald Neame’s The Poseidon Adventure: Shelley Winters got FAT. She waas awesome though. Why has she dies in every movie I’ve seen her in? /spoiler?

364. John Guillermin’s The Towering Inferno: McQUEEN. NEWMAN. TWO OF THE COOLEST ACTORS OF ALL-TIME. PLAYING A FIRE CHIEF AND AN ARCHITECT? WTF IS THIS SHIT? OK, this was pretty great, but nominated for best picture? In 1974? Against The Godfather: Part II, Lenny, The Conversation, and Chinatown? WHY IN THE NAME OF MOTHER FUCK WAS BRING ME THE HEAD OF ALFREDO GARCIA NOT NOMINATED? ACADEMY, GO FWUCK YOURSELF.